April 12, 2018


Your first set of Laughton Team business cards is on us! You will receive 500 cards with your Laughton Team contact info on them. Any reorders after the second set with be a $35.00 charge. Please bring cash upon pickup, or be ready to pay via Paypal. There is a week long turn around time on business cards, and we will notify you when they are ready

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There is a tab on the home screen where you can submit your price reduction information. If you have already put together the Sold Change Form (SCF) and it is signed by the seller one of our admin ladies will handle the price reduction.

If you have not set up or signed the SCF and still need it signed by the sellers one of our admin ladies will assist you in doing so.

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Below is a link where you can order more Laughton team shirts, polos and more!



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While we do not supply name tags a lot of agents on the team have ordered from this site!


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If you have sent in both your head shot and bio to shelby@laughtonteam.com please allow for 1-2 business days for her to get you on the website!

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Title companies normally offer personalized buyer and seller guides.

The laughton team does offer free laughton branded buyer and seller guides in our storage closet in the 201 office.

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Sign service is an option that is offered to our Elite team members as a perk.

As a blockbuster agent the way to get sign service is if you claim one of the unclaimed slots that is offered by Shelby Mazza at the end of the week. If there are any left open she will send them out for everyone.

The other option is to hire a willing teenager or reach out to Judith Laninga (Judith@laughtonteam.com) to see if she has any sign guys available. (this is a paid option as well)

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My Home Group – Laughton Team* LC562698013

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If our Marketing Manager took your head shots on the day of orientation please allow for one week turn around time for your head shots.

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After joining the team you can turn in your head shot to Shelby@laughtonteam.com (if she did not take it). Within 24 hours she will have your business card proof sent back to you for approval and ordering. We take care of your first 200 business cards and they take approx 7-10 business days to arrive.


Valerie at the 201 front desk will let you know once they have arrived!

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All training classes will be on your google calendar that is shared with you upon joining the team. Any changes in the classes/calendar will be emailed out to you from your team lead.

Agent’s can access our lock boxes from 8 AM – 10 PM

The acronym “CBS” stands for Concrete, Block and Stucco. The CBS code is the code that an inspector would need to access to property upon the time of the home inspection.


Our team CBS code for all of The Laughton Team owned lockboxes is 3263391

Check processing is 24-48 hours after the closing package has been received, uploaded and the file closed, the agent will receive an email from SkySlope. For direct deposit, once the agent has received the email from SkySlope, they should check their bank within 24-48 hours.

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