February 20, 2019

CA Vendor List

Senior Loan Advisor
Company Name
Contractor Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Notes (provided by agents)
1031 Exchanges Exchange Resources, inc. Debbie Bannister 714-269-1285 dbannister@exchangeresources.net
Aerial Drone Videography HELIX Ryan Corcino 909-896-5358 info@aerialhelix.com
Escrow Corner Escrow Eddie Tanamachi 949-325-3003 ext. 501 eddie@cornerescrow.com 6 OFFICES THROUGHOUT SOCAL—FREE CONFERENCE ROOMS TO MEET YOUR CLIENTS—MUST RESERVE WITH EDDIE
Escrow Corner Escrow Katie DiCaprio 949-303-0515 katie@cornerescrow.com FREE NET SHEETS FOR YOUR SELLERS AND BUYERS—FREE NON CO-BRANDED MARKETING MATERIALS
Home & Fire Insurance Goosehead Insurance Ron Gonzales 949-563-1062 ron.gonzales@goosehead.com
Home Inspections CR Inspections Elias De Anda 562-572-5022 crinspect@gmail.com OUR HOME INSPECTORS WILL TRAVEL TO MOST SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COUNTIES.
Home Inspections Buyer's Protection Group Rod Dilger 949-584-8610 rdilger@bpgwi.com OUR HOME INSPECTORS WILL TRAVEL TO MOST SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COUNTIES.
Home Warranty HomeGuard Home Warranty Zulma Arizmendi 714-366-1352 zarizmendi@hghw.com
Lenders New American Funding Isreal Salas 909-809-8252 isreal.salas@nafinc.com
Lenders Finance of America Jessica Cascio 714-813-6355 jessica.cascio@financeofamerica.com Marketing Coordinator
Lenders Finance of America Jim Thiel 949-521-0039 jim.thiel@financofamerica.com FREE CO-BRANDED MARKETING MATERIALS, HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOS, AND PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS OF YOU!
Lenders Churchill Mortgage Michael Gronwall 714-809-1508 michael.gronwall@churchillmortgage.com
Lenders Endeavor Mortgage Ron Householder 562-280-3740 ronhcompanies@gmail.com
Lenders NEXA Mortgage Reese Rogers 503-508-5126 reese.rogers@msn.com Loan SPecialist
Lenders Endeavor Mortgage Chenine Lozano 562-762-7511 clozano@endeavormg.com
Moisture & Mold Inspections Moisture & Mold Detection, inc. Steve Mullins 949-302-7971 mwinspections@aol.com
Natural Hazard Zone Disclosure – NHD myNHD Amy Nieto 949-291-1448 amy@mynhd.com
Tax Returns for Realtors Wealth Resource Institute J Michael Roberts 949-540-6743 mike@creativetaxsolutions.com
Termite Inspections The Termite Guy Peter "G" Giammarianaro 949-547-6669 peterg@877termite.com
Title Fidelity National Title Doug Gresch 714-609-9444 douglas.gresch@fnf.com Commercial & Residential Title
Title Fidelity National Title Laurie Briggs 949-370-9064 laurie.briggs@fnf.com Commercial & Residential Title
Title WFG National Title Christy COffey 949-390-3768 ccoffey@wfgtitleco.com
Title West Ricardo Bureno 949-233-8098 rbueno@poweredbywest.com Marketing & Technology Director
Transaction Coordinator OC Laughton Team Yasmine Baban 949-878-8669 yasmineb@laughtonteam.com